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point of yucca volume 2

1996 Yucca Tree Records in collaboration with Ponk Records , compilation CD, edition of 500 copies, individual artwork by each combo - # YTRPOY2
Cover and CD art work by red

EEL O. (USA) 1 Terminus Dub ( Hypno Mix )
Denis Frajerman (France) 2 Papillon #11
Pink Bob (USA) 3 A Herd Of Tubas, 4 Lead A Horse To Water, 5 T-Square, 6 The Fat Man
Schrödingers Cat (Switzerland) 7 Quiet Again, 8 Upright In The Mist
Steve Horowitz & The Code (USA) 9 Gracing The Amazed
Pop Dell' Arte (Portugal) 10 All You Need Is Money, 11 Poppa Mundi
Noble Gas (USA) 12 Toadstools
Joe Fleury (Switzerland) 13 Bidoche Musique, 14 The Critic, 15 More Respect For The Planet
In Between Noise (USA) 16 Sar Hon Yenko
Klimperei (France) 17 Le Canotier, 18 Pour Cartonneux, 19 Les Jolies Filles
Billy Joe Winghead (USA) 20 Epidemic (No Panic Mix)